TITAN Uncoated single jacket fire hose

TITAN Uncoated single jacket fire hose
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Uncoated single jacket fire hose


  • industrial and municipal fire brigades
  • military
  • marine fire fighting
  • interior rack and reel hose
  • commercial and civil engineering



  • very lightweight and highly flexible (even at low temperature)
  • small coil diameter
  • excellent resistance to weathering and ozone
  • inner lining excellent resistant to sea water and a wide range of chemicals (see resistance table in technical appendix)
  • mildew and rotproof
  • easy to repair






  • high tenacity multifilament polyester yarn, circular woven in twill weave
  • 2F: 2-ply warp threads
  • 3F: 3-ply warp threads, heavy duty construction for better abrasion resistance



  • high grade EPDM rubber, cold flexible, suitable also for hot water
  • excellent resistance to sea water, a wide range of chemicals, UV and ozone
  • coextruded CR rubber adhesive layer, penetrates during vulcanisation completely into the weaving structure
  • this style of rubber lining guarantees a smooth inner tube with low friction loss and an excellent adhesion between lining and jacket



Special Options

  • Single lengths longer than 30 m (100 ft)  25 – 75 mm up to 1,000 m (3,300 ft) 90 – 110 mm up to 500 m (1,650 ft)
  • other dimensions

Note that special options are subject to a higher price and minimum order of 1,000 m (3,300 ft) per dimension. Production short lengths and overproduction up to 10% of the total order quantity have to be accepted.


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TITAN Uncoated single jacket fire hose